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Aragon Nest Update—Evolution of the grants program

The Nest program has been up and running for 7 months already. It's mature enough to make a high level analysis of the program so far and talk a bit about its future.

Nest is the grants program run by the Aragon Association (formerly the Aragon Foundation). The process is public and transparent. The Aragon One team was the only team managing it and deciding who and what gets funded up until now. Currently, the Aragon DAC, the new Aragon team, is also participating in the application process. The idea is that all the different Aragon teams will have a part to play in this grants program.


So how many proposals and requests for funding have we received it so far? Up until the end of Q3:

Total number of proposals and request for funding submitted in 2018 Proposals (issues): 48 (9 proposals by the Aragon One team) Approved: 20 Rejected: 27 TBD: 1 (not included in chart) Requests for funding (PRs): 34 Approved: 14 Rejected: 16 TBD: 4 (not included in chart) Total number of proposals and request for funding submitted per quarter Q1 Proposals: 13 (5 by the Aragon One team) Requests for funding: 13 Q2 Proposals: 13 (3 by the Aragon One team) Requests for funding: 7 Q3 Proposals: 22 (1 by the Aragon One team) Approved: 6 Rejected: 15 TBD: 1 (not included in total and in chart) Requests for funding: 14 Approved: 5 Rejected: 5 TBD: 4 (not included in total and in chart) Proposals & Requests for funding?

Proposals are independent from requests for funding. A proposal can be approved and opened but still have no team working on it. Once a team has decided it wants to work on a specific proposal and that proposal is approved, we move to the next stage: the request for funding. In the proposal stage of the application process we validate the idea. In the request for funding stage, we validate the team, the roadmap and milestones. You can find all about the application process here.

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