Any monetary incentive for running an archive node?


Any monetary incentive to run an archive node?

Is there any monetary incentive to run an archive node for a validator? I know that archive nodes could be useful for myself, if I want to query past the last 128 blocks and get that efficiently. But I’m wondering if this earns me any more rewards as a validator. Do the execution clients check the transaction in the mempool if it requires a historical lookup, and if so sends it off to an archive node? If it does that, then does that validator earn any more funds? My guess is… no? And the reasoning I am guessing that is, if my understanding is correct, there is no monetary reward for executing a transaction post-merge (unless you take part in MEV), so I won’t receive any transaction fees personally, but the transaction fees are available as a pool and split out to the attesters / proposers (the validators). And actually I can’t even attest to that because I executed the transaction? And the odds of being in the validator committee is random anyways, it doesn’t increase in frequency if I am an archive node an execute more transactions from the mempool compared to full nodes. I’m confused here.

Basically, I’m wondering why I might want to run an archive node outside of the personal performance benefits from doing a historical lookup. If you could please also correct any of my understanding, I would appreciate it.