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Announcing the Uniswap Incentive Program

Following Synthetix’s Success in Leveraging Uniswap

Synthetix Network has use an incentive system for increasing liquidity in Uniswap to great effect. Synthetix rewards all sETH/ETH LPs with SNX rewards, send SNX directly to the wallets that hold the LP token for the sETH/ETH exchange. This way, sETH/ETH LPs earn fees from the Uniswap exchange, AND also receive SNX rewards for providing liquidity.

RealT is going to follow this same model!

Liquidity Providers to the Patton Uniswap Market receive financial rewards in three ways:

The 0.3% fee from all trades made on the exchange (built into Uniswap) The rental income from the property (From owning the RealTokens) RealT’s share of the rental income (Extra $$ from RealT!) What will this achieve?

RealT has a commitment to putting RealTokens in as many corners of Ethereum as possible. Because RealTokens are security tokens and operate on a whitelist, this is far from an organic process, and is something that needs to be engineered.

Redistributing RealT’s rental income to other LP providers should, in theory, incentive Patton owners to move their tokens the exchange and provide liquidity. The more Patton tokens are inside the Uniswap exchange, the more liquid the property is!

Right now, the Uniswap Exchange holds 15% of the total supply of Patton tokens. With this incentive program, we hope to get that number as high as possible!

Join us in breaking down barriers!

Join the global set of RealT users who are receiving rental payments from U.S. real estate properties every day!

Follow us on Twitter: @realtplatform
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