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Announcing » æternal ∞ The 50% Experiment 💎 ICO » Monday » September 18 2017 » 18:00 UTC

Overview At the core æternal is an open-source digital currency shaped and enhanced by two powerful and highly complimentary concepts.

It resides on the Ethereum platform which is a technological foundation enabling the creation of new and inventive apps which would normally be extremely challenging or impossible to actualize.

Thanks to the vital features provided by this platform, the æternal program cannot be modified, paused, stopped, manipulated or interfered with by anyone (including its creators) once it has been deployed to the Ethereum network. The rules determining the currency of æternal are immutable.

This takes us as close as we can come to a truly unwavering, fair and honest economic game. æternal is, in our own opinion, one of the most potent and exciting applications realized to date.

Core details:

æternal is an ERC20-Basic token; which is simply the standard ERC20 interface but with allowances disabled. This basic interface simplifies the code and thus the safety of æternal. A smart contract on the decentralized Ethereum platform is, as stated on "an application that runs exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference."

Experiment? The æternal app itself is not experimental. It consists of a short, simple and easily comprehensible codebase built upon the well-established OpenZeppelin framework.

The "50% experiment" is the unique game which æternal generates.

This game is purely the result of a simple and fun solution discovered by the need to deal with certain mathematical challenges provided by the inherent computational resource restrictions within a decentralized program.

The æternal experiment/game begins at the moment when the ICO (Ini...

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