Announcing a competition to save the most with GasHawk


Hey Ethereum community!

I am the tech-lead of - a service that helps you save on transaction fees. Simply put, you use our RPC in MetaMask and we're scheduling your transactions to hit low fee times. On your dashboard you can set the (default) deadline and other parameters that help save costs.

I'm excited to announce that we're hosting a giveaway this January 2023 where one lucky user will win 1 ETH!

Here's how to enter:

  1. Use GasHawk to make your Ethereum transactions (by using their RPC)
  2. Opt-in to giveaways in the settings
  3. The user who saves the highest percentage in a single transaction before Feb 1st 00:00 UTC will win the 1 ETH prize

By using GasHawk to submit your transactions to the mempool within a user-defined deadline, targeting a local minimum, you can not only save on your transaction fees but also be in the running to win this great prize.

Check out our Twitter for more information:

Good luck!