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Analyst Lists Top Five Crypto Projects Likely to Surge in December

Crypto strategist and influencer Lark Davis is naming five crypto assets that he believes have potential to rack up big gains in December.

First on Davis’ list is Ethereum (ETH), which he says will likely balloon in price as crypto investors anticipate the long-awaited launch of ETH 2.0.

“Obviously, Ethereum and the launch of ETH 2.0 on December 1st, it’s a pretty damn big deal for Ethereum and the crypto market overall. I expect we’re going to see a lot of interest continuing in Ethereum in the run-up to that date, post that date, as we see more and more Ethereum getting locked up into the deposit contract. It will have a positive impact for Ether.”

Number two is XRP. Davis believes that the third-largest crypto asset will have a big December as investors await the Spark token airdrop.

“XRP could see a farther rally as well in the run up to the airdrop, which is scheduled for December 12th. Now, it has had a massive run-up so do be careful with that, but XRP holders will be dropped 45 billion Spark tokens for the Ripple-backed Flare Network.”

Grabbing the third spot is Aave (AAVE). The crypto analyst enumerates the big changes as the decentralized finance darling rolls out Aave V2.

“They will soon be releasing Aave V2 which could be a big catalyst for the token. Currently, the Aave V2 upgrade is live on the Ethereum testnet. Now, upgrades to the protocol will include better optimization of the transaction flows; reducing the number of transactions you actually need to make to interact with Aave, tokenized debt positions, fixed rates for deposits, better stability for borrowing rates, private markets to support a wide range of assets.

They’re going to be doing gas optimizations as well to reduce those gas fees for you. They’re going to be improving the Aave tokens. They’re going to do debt trading, collateral trading, lending and borrowing on margin. And Aave is even working on brin...

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