Amir Taaki of Autonomous Polytechnics Group/Dark Wallet has joined Melonport's M-0 speaker lineup (17-18/10/17) alongside Dr. Gavin Wood, Johan Gervers, Joey Krug, KC Chng, Jorge Izquierdo, Loi Luu and many others!

m-0.melonport.com5y ago

The Melon ecosystem brings together a diverse range of developers, portfolio managers, investors and lawyers to visualise the future of asset management using a technology that is fast becoming impossible to ignore; blockchain.

M-0 provides an excellent opportunity to meet with pioneering groups and individuals who are working on game-changing technologies that will change the asset management world we know today.

The event will run for two days on the 17th/18th of October, 2017. It will cover broad swathes of the technical, financial and legal aspects that surround digital asset management.