Am I understanding Layer 2 correctly?

self.ethereum1m ago
I’ve been listening to the bankless podcast for the few months and am really enjoying it. They always talk about utilizing layer 2s and moving off layer 1. I know that once moved to a layer 2, transactions will be fast and fees are significantly less than layer 1. The part I’m not understanding is the two things I have done so far on layer 1 is buy an ENS domain and stake my ETH on Lido through ledger live. Now moving ETH to a layer 2 doesn’t help me until both Lido and ENS support layer 2s correct? Once they do, it will potentially be way cheaper to make an ens domain, make a change in your ens domain, and staking my ETH won’t have as large a fee to stake. I guess I’m really asking if layer 2s don’t help until the platform I want to use it supports it right? Also, let’s say ENS supports loopring in the future. I can move my ETH to loopring, but I would also need to buy a little LRC which would be used for gas fees instead of ETH? Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks in advance!