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Alchemy Aims to Transform Blockchain Development with New Build Tools

While it may be a long-standing joke in the developer community that any bug can be turned into a feature simply by documenting it, the fact is that blockchain deployment is often mission-critical. Whether it’s at the protocol level within a permissioned enterprise solution, on a public chain, or within an app that processes financial transactions, dependability is not optional.

And as DeFi soars, the importance of identifying systemic weaknesses in code has never been clearer.

Some blockchain companies offer major bug bounties to white hat hackers who seek flaws and exploits in their code; some delay launches for months as their developers track down possible attack vectors and frailties. And in the future, some will use Alchemy Build — a suite of developer tools designed to take some of the time, money, and uncertainty out of building blockchain applications.

“For the Ethereum ecosystem to thrive, developers need to spend less time fixing the same issues over and over, and more time building products that provide value to end users. Alchemy Build enables hundreds of teams to focus on building great blockchain products, helping push the ecosystem months or years ahead,” explained Joey Krug, co-founder of Augur and co-CIO of Pantera Capital.

Ethereum goes further mainstream

Nikil Viswanathan of Alchemy claims internal research has shown that blockchain engineers spend up to twelve hours every week on work related to debugging, customer issues and release cycles — work that is not only tedious and expensive, but that also diverts the creative brains of developers away from building solutions. It’s a situation Viswanathan describes as untenable in the long-term.

Blockchain development is “like asking someone to build a skyscraper with a shovel and a hammer,” he declares. “We want to make it fundamentally easier to actually do the job.”

“Web 2.0 has industry-standard tools such as DataDog, which accelerate prototyping and...

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