Aion To Facilitate Communication Between Different Blockchain Networks.

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Enterprise grade Blockchain platform, Nuco is all set to launch “Aion”, the one of its kind interoperable Blockchain network and the initial framework to enable communication between Blockchains.

Aion has been created with the objective to facilitate instant, global transfer and recording of information between Blockchains. At present, Blockchain seem like computers before email –capable of digital facilitation yet unable to connect to transfer information. Aion intends to bridge the gap by connecting compatible but independently operating blockchains, to allow instant, global transfer and recording of data. For this particular feature, Aion can potentially transform cross-organizational functions, like supply-chain management. Potential applications could be to establish communications between healthcare providers and providing a secure link to government authorities across the globe.Since blockchain is inherently secure, the technology is perfectly apt for storing crucial administrative events and for recording confidential data like medical histories.

Using the technology, writing entries into a record of information will become easier, and a broader community of users will be able to control how the record of information is amended and updated. The endeavor is based on using Aion tokens to create new blockchain,monetize inter-chain bridges, and ensure security of the network. The network will also enable users to send information between any Aion-compliant Blockchain and Ethereum,a Blockchain based distributed computing platform.

The project came into light with the efforts of the former lead of Deloitte’s Rubix Blockchain Team. Explaining the potential of Aion, Michael Tang,the Head of Global Digital Transformation for Financial Services at Deloitte, said:

“Blockchain Technology will soon become integral to every industry’s infrastructure, and a framework for interoperability is critical to scaled adoption. As strong supporters of innovation in this space, we are eager to witness how Aion will help enterprise blockchain realize their enormous potential.”

Adding to the discussion, Matthew Spoke, CEO of Nuco, said:

“Today’s blockchains don’t talk to each other at all. With Aion, blockchains will be able to federate, interoperate, and scale in a model similar to the internet itself. This is with acknowledgement that hundreds of blockchains existing today will soon become thousands, then millions. Future adoption of this technology relies on a network of blockchains, both enterprise and public, and we’re on our way to achieving this mission.”

For more details, visit the official website.

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