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Advice on holding / trading strategy?

Hey all, just after some thoughts/input on your portfolio strategy. My portfolio is mainly BTC and ETH, followed by a couple of altcoins. I don't plan to sell it all for fiat anytime soon, but am interested in doing a bit of trading. I use Binance, and my plan is to sell a certain % of coin (maybe 10%?) when it's seeing a good run (maybe +20% of my initial buy price) into a stable coin. Then when the coin is lower than my initial buy price (maybe -20%) I'll buy some more using some of the stable coin. How does everyone keep track of their trades? Blockfolio etc., or Excel? I guess the main issue is buying at the start of a spike in value (at what point do you decide to sell?), as well as buying the dip which then dips even further (and who knows, may never recover). The crypto I have is a relatively small amount that I can afford to lose, and this is partly to learn about the whole process too (I've been holding coins a while but never traded). My plan is to make occasional trades with big price movements, I don't have the time / knowledge to do this on a daily basis. Any advice or even just hearing how you guys manage your portfolios would be really useful, thanks!
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