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Active Ethereum Accounts Have Doubled Since Q1 2018

Quite interesting that at peak ETH price (early Q1 2018) there were only about 40M active accounts. More than double the activity today but ETH is at 1/10 the price. The market seems not to notice. [](
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Where in the world is Bitfinex?

Where is Bitfinex? The question had long been nagging Cas Piancey (pronounced 鈥淐aspian Sea鈥), an online persona, who tweets relentlessly about the exchange. He became so obsessed about the firm's opaq...
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Infura May 2020 Update

An update on our Beacon Chain API, a recap of the recent IPFS Pinning Summit, how to create a Compound smart contract API with Infura, Gnosis, and more.
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Axie Infinity: Land Dev Update!

Axie Infinity is a grand experiment for a new type of game 鈥 one that gives more ownership and voice to its players. Our community is an integral, driving force within Axie and this update will start鈥
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Greyscale鈥檚 bullish moves

Independent researcher Kevin Rooke estimates that Grayscale has ramped up its Bitcoin accumulation to a rate equivalent to 150% of the new BTC created since the halving