Accidentally sent Ethereum to an ERC-20 address.

1M Ago
Hello, please help I am losing my mind. I sent a couple hundred dollars to a website that is very well trusted. Thousands of five star reviews online. They have a disclaimer which says to send ethereum "normally" and has in parenthesis "ERC-20." I did my research and saw that ERC-20 wasn't a separate coin so I sent the money. They are now telling me these funds are unrecoverable because I needed to send ERC-20. Ok, I made a mistake, its actually a whole different thing but how in the world am i finding almost no one else on the internet who has run into the same issue? I didnt think I messed up that bad. I don't believe them that it is unrecoverable but does anyone have documentation to prove this? I have seen a lot of posts saying that they accidentally sent ERC-20 to a normal ethereum address but not the other way around. Any information would be appreciated as I have done a lot of reading and I still don't fully understand what ERC-20 and how It could be so easy to just lose my money like this. Thanks ​ EDIT: ok i realize the problem isnt that its ERC-20 or not but thats what the website claims. this is the response from their support team Your payment was processed via contract: ​ This is why we are unable to process the funds and you do not see the funds, as the payment was not processed. It is stated on the deposit page **not to send via contract payment**. (it says send it "normally" btw) ​ I didnt send wrapped eth. I sent it using coinbase. i have the etherscan to prove it was succesful.