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Why Ethereum scaling is slow? Because it's complicated and expensive. Here's a project that we've been working on for the last couple of months that aims to address these limitations. It's open source/has no token or monetization scheme.

Fatum, a Proof-of-Concept Framework built on Ethereum Requests for early access are now open. Get Early Access.

Abstract: Fatum provides inexpensive, multiple experimentations, allowing projects to roll out new services at a quicker pace, thereby easing the process of digital transformation. The framework, in particular, aimed to boost work on Casper, a proof-of-stake protocol upgrade, the scaling solutions such as sharding, as well as light clients, developer tools and infrastructure improvements.

Note: this section is currently a work-in-progress and still being drafted. Active research is underway. Have a question/general feedback? Feel free to reach us at [email protected] whenever you'd like.


Introduction and problem statement

For years, the PoC process—situated at the center of technological evolution, innovation and adoption—hadn’t changed at all. People reluctantly accepted the slow, complicated and expensive process as part of the price of progress. Despite the deficiencies and inconveniences to everyone involved, the PoC process didn’t get any easier or more effective. When dev teams estimate the time and costs for making a blockchain PoC, they often find that it can take 8-12 weeks and cost as much as $300,000. Besides being time-consuming and expensive, this is a huge missed opportunity. Quickly understanding the viability of a PoC can accelerate mass adoption of blockchain technology and save the time and cost associated with a less impactful project.

We identified that most of the time in these PoC projects was spent developing code and building capabilities that surrounded the blockchain, often referred to as “scaffolding.” That scaffolding typically required building a responsive web client, writing and deploying a gateway API, implementing support for off-chain storage in technologies such as SQL DB, building out reporting and analytics, and integrating identity and key vault services into the soluti...

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