A Noded NFT Blockchain. Would this work in theory?

1M Ago
So I was thinking about trying to do some stuff with NFTs and had an idea. You know that NFT game that came out last year where the NFTs were themselves like little gameboys with a full playable game within the NFT itself. This showed some of the potential computing power you could put inside of an NFT. What I thought about was making a blockchain network using NFTs as the blockchain and the decentralized node structure of the network. Each NFT would be a block on the chain. Each block would produce whatever it is the NFT project desires. Perhaps a token or a reward of some sort for the production of that block / NFT. For the purposes of this comment thread when I refer to blocks I'm talking about NFTs on this theoretical NFT blockchain. Having each NFT be a block on the chain would be good for a few reasons. It would give the chain 2 layers of security. On the front end the "image layer" would contain a piece of the previous "block" and the next "block" would always contain a piece of the previous "block" this would create the interconnecting chains of the image layer level. Then you have the 2nd security layer the code in the backend of the NFT block. This would be a more basic blockchain infrastructure where the code of the backend would tether each block to the previous block creating the blockchain. These NFTs would need to serve multiple purposes though. As well as having a blockchain structure written into the backend code there needs to be a noding structure built into the code of the NFTs. So each one could be a decentralized node on this blockchain network. Processing transactions of the NFT collection. I'm not sure how you reward the nodes for validating transactions. Then you would need to structure the sales of the collection with a limit of NFTs held per wallet to help keep with the decentralized nature. All of this is just ideas I had but maybe someone out there can do something more constructive with the idea.