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8 Crypto and Blockchain Firms That Are Hiring Right Now

It would be an understatement to say that the jobs market has had a rough 2020. But despite ongoing economic challenges and a surfeit of applicants for every vacancy, the demand for blockchain experts remains high. Backend developers, analysts, researchers, marketers, engineers, paralegals — the crypto industry is developing at a rapid rate, and job openings continue to appear as startups look to find the right candidate. 

Unlike many conventional industries, crypto and blockchain firms already employed a high percentage of remote workers before the crisis hit, meaning their operations have been largely unaffected by enforced furloughs and work-from-home orders. Without further ado, here are eight crypto and blockchain companies that are hiring right now.

If you’re looking for a fresh challenge, check out this list of current job openings curated by CryptoJobsList and CMC.

CoinMarketCap is currently recruiting a site reliability engineer, a tools engineer, a front end engineer, a full stack engineer, a product designer and an SEO lead.

CMC is a trusted aggregator of crypto assets and exchange rankings, with the aim of making crypto discoverable for any person, regardless of their knowledge of crypto, around the globe.

Validation Capital is a Toronto-based startup specializing in the supply of secure node infrastructure and investment capital to elite proof-of-stake blockchain networks. Harnessing a quarter-century of capital and investment experience, the team is also qualified in cybersecurity, software development and network architecture. Validation Capital is headed up by Michael Horowitz, formerly the founder and general partner of blockchain digital asset fund Chaintech Digital.

Validation Capital is currently recruiting an entrepreneurially-minded devops engineer, ideally one with a working knowledge of tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus and Alertmanager. Familiarity with security sta...

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