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5 Years After Launch, Predictions Market Platform Augur Releases Version 2

Augur released the second version of its betting platform Tuesday. The project was one of Ethereum’s first in 2015 with angel investments from Vitalik Buterin. Its v2 adds a suite of new crypto tools including IPFS, MakerDAO’s Dai, 0x Mesh and Uniswap’s pricing oracles.

The ultimate decentralized finance (DeFi) money Lego has arrived: Augur Version 2 released July 28, according to the Forecast Foundation.

“The Augur v2 protocol contracts have been successfully deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet. The contracts have been verified on Etherscan, and the deployers address can be found here,” the blog reads.

Originally launched in 2015, Augur was one of the first initial coin offerings (ICO) and Ethereum apps to garner notable attention for its blockchain betting market. And now v2 has all the bells and whistles of today’s DeFi market including the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), 0x Mesh, MakerDAO’s dai and Uniswap’s v2 oracle network.

The first version was notoriously clunky, slow and generally unusable despite its well-known presence in the crypto community. Originally, Augur was loosely based on Yale statistician Paul Sztorc’s Truthcoin, a prediction protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain. (Sztorc has no affiliation with the project, according to a 2015 blog). 

A second version had been in the works since the project’s early days, according to two of its founders, Jack Peterson and Joey Krug.

“The first version of Augur will likely be somewhat slow and slightly expensive (think pennies and many seconds per trade), but it’ll certainly be a beautiful glimpse of what’s to come.” the team wrote in a 2017 Medium article.

And, just as Eth 2.0 has faced unseen delays, so has Augur v2. Yet, with all that time, the team has been able to add a whole slew of Ethereum projects to its betting platform.

Off to the races

Augur is an oracle. Oracles bring off-chain data on-chain. 

That second sentence ...

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