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3 kind of crypto buyers. We just know...... :)

I noticed... I know something has to do with the kind of currency people intend to invest in (i.e. meme coins, store of value, underlying usecases/tech etc). But i also noticed with this 3 type of investors and reddit groups: 1. Meme coins.... People can just yell and shout out to the moon and coin x, y, z to 1 dollar etc (Doge, Shiba etc) 2. People supporting tech/coins who didn't do as well as some of the major (BTC/Atlcoins). They take an underdog position and keep pushing and yelling what the specific coin is good for and why it is better than BTC/Eth (BCH). Lots of frustration in there. 3. ETH investors........: we share thoughts and of course shout out we're mooning soon..... But...... we just know, we just know....... That having said: Next months, years will be so exciting for the early adapters we are, for the world around us and finally for the world as a whole..... We are so dang early, underlying metrics are skyrocketing and we are sitting on the rocket being fired away soon........ ​ To the moon !!!! We just know...... Buckle up and enjoy the ride all! Don't forget to DCA, HODL, take some profits along the journey and good luck to all!
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