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24 reasons Ethereum is undervalued

I saw this thread on Twitter/ethtrader and cryptocurrency, and thought it was worth sharing I'll copy-paste the text here, but it's better to read it with all the images and quote, either directly on Twitter ([](, on the unrolled version ([]( But here you go, enjoy: # 24 reasons $ETH is extremely undervalued... ## 1. Smart Contracts A smart contract automatically executes code once specific terms are met It is the first form of programmable money to exist, & users can rely on it to create decentralized money legos free of censorship Lend, borrow, swap, & do much more with them! ​ ## 2. Stablecoins $ETH is home to many stablecoins which have grown tremendous use cases: $USDT: $62B $USDC: $25B $DAI: $5B $TUSD: $1.5B They are very popular for use in DeFi, & VISA will soon accept tx settlement in $USDC $USDC has grown from a $4B mcap, to $25B this year ​ ## 3. DeFi DeFi has exploded because of its attractive yield, flexibility, & its non-custodial nature With DeFi, we can become our own banks by cutting out the middleman involved It is restructuring the industry of finance as we know it today, and it’s not stopping ​ ## 4. dApps A total of 94 out of the top 100 crypto projects are built on $ETH, with more than: \-3,000 dApps-200K ERC20s These protocols often have many further use cases involving $ETH, creating the fundamentals for the We...
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