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1 Year later as a Dapp with $0 in the bank and No ICO

1,081 — Total number of users creating accounts with Mintable in 2019

4,231 NFTs were minted over the course of the year on Mintable.

557 smart contracts were deployed by Mintable users. Not all minting tools are equal. Our platform gives users full ownership of NFTs and creates the user their own contract that they control. This is why over 500+ new smart contracts have been made from non-coders to achieve their creative missions!

Awesome creations, beta’s numbers and more!

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) had a banger of a year in 2019, expanding outward in a variety of new use cases. Mintable entered the year with its alpha version online but hit a major milestone when the beta launched on April 15th.

April 2019 — Mintable beta launch’s beta version introduced more robust features to anyone wanting to mint their own NFTs. Notable new and improved features included:

Batch minting — allows for the minting of multiple NFTs at the same time of up to 5, 10, 25, or 40. Metadata — increased metadata fields allow users to further customize their NFTs. API storage — option to store your token’s data with Mintable’s own API. integration — this powerful third party integration means faster onboarding and a smoother user experience start to finish. Enterprise solutions — a service for anyone looking for highly custom solutions. NFT Highlights Innovative Badges

There was a wide variety NFTs created for all sorts of different purposes, one of the most popular of which was different kinds of badges.

NFT podcast badges for each episode:

The fantastic NFT podcast @nonfungerbils has been minting badges that tell the unique stories written by their own community members. Each month their audience has the chance to submit stories to go along with their latest artwork. The art and winning story are then combined as an NFT to commemora...

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