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Why Retail Traders Should not be selling ETC right now to the Professionals!!!!!!

this chart is 4 hour ETC time frame and as you can see right before Coinbase Announcement that they will be adding ETC to Coinbase Prime (institutional smart money) and to Coinbase Pro (active traders) there was a dump leading up to the announcement and then a massive pump the day before actual listing and now back to a massive dump in anticipation for 1-2 week actual listing for Coinbase App. (Retail dumb money) for the accumulation of another massive pump either the day before or day of actual listing. Granted BTC is following the same suit and ETC value is tied to BTC price, still looking into ETC 4 hour chart clearly shows the RSI is close to being undersold and the MACD lines for long are about to cross, it is wise for all ETC Retail community to follow the smart money now which is #1 start buying to accumulate more ETC at a cheap undersold price and for smart money is HODL ETC until the massive pump that will sure to come in the coming days and weeks. They are building long liquidity in order for them to sell their ETC for the short term gains and im sure that the price of ETC will after the massive pump will see another massive dump since we are in a crypto bear market for 2018 that unfortunately be bearish past sept. 30th since SEC will delay once again for final decision to be made no later then February 2019. Then once approval of ETF we will go into a massive Bull Market.
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