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Where does ETC stand now?

I have followed eth, btc, ada and etc and other blockchains very actively for the last few years. More so, I am invested in different projects based on their dev teams, whitemap, roadmap and their activities in terms of decentralizing blockchains to create better enviroments for their usebase. However, I can not really get to know where ETC stands. I see a small community that have a hard time to grow, some channels which are not active and overall, very little news. Just take a look at ETH. How come all the defi apps are being built on eth and not etc? What does eth have more than etc? Will there not be a big conflict when ETH goes PoS? What will the miners do to make money? Stake ETH and abandon their mining equipment or will they eventually mine ETC? I also would like to know why ADA cardano can have so much more confidence in defi than etc? Why would there be defi built on chains with a high amount of coin supply or unlimited supply, like eth? ETC should step up it’s game and not fade away in this defi and ico and whatever you like to call it, era.
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