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Welcome Bob Summerwill ! New Executive Director @ ETC Cooperative

The Ethereum Classic Cooperative are pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Summerwill as the new Executive Director of the team. Bob Summerwill is most famous for his involvement in Ethereum, ConsenSys, CryptoChicks and a whole load of other community building projects from within the blockchain industry. Bob has a passion for cooperation and for building a community, the ETC Cooperative are pleased to announce that Bob’s incredible work will be continuing on into the ever-growing Ethereum Classic community as a result of this appointment.

See the full announcement from the ETC Cooperative here

According to the official announcement:

“Bob will work to build relationships that benefit ETC and advance our mission of growing ETC’s development and community. Bob, like many ETC supporters, has been quiet about his support, although he recently got more vocal at the ETC Summit, urging us to avoid exclusionary tribalism and focus on sharing our ideas and beliefs with each other.”

Looking more specifically into Bob’s role, we can see how Bob will play a key part in the development of a number of existing ETC incentives, including the production and development of ETC’s PoA testnet and peaceBridge, a system designed to allow for the movement of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens across the two networks.

Bob will be involved in identifying space for new teams to join the ETC Cooperative and will also be responsible for ensuring new technologies are able to work within the ETC ecosystem.

Bob is keen to be involved and has said a few words regarding his new appointment:

“I would like to heal the wounds of the past, and to help everyone get past this zero sum thinking. I would like the ETC community to be seen as it actually is, a strongly principled group of people who develop useful technology, rather than an ideologically driven group of zealots with no technical development.”


“I would like peop...
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