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Wake Up People!

I am an optimist. Even when faced with the hardest of challenges I always say Future is bright! And yet it is time to share some hard truths with you people. Our fundraising program is not as successful as we hoped it to be. As it is right now, unless we raise more money this month we will go bankrupt as of August, 1st.

Almost two years ago we've decided to build a new kind of business following in Satoshi Nakamoto's footsteps. Our core values are

Do not sellout. By now you've surely noticed that we're no ordinary engineers. With our skillset we could have easily taken VC money, built a pseudo-decentralized product like EOS or TRON, and sold it to poor suckers on binance. This short term play is not worth it. If crypto is to ever gain value, it will be because we took it from central bankers and surveillance capitalists. In order to do that we need to commit to 100% decentralization, immutability and privacy. Be transparent. Who doesn't like a little bit of simplicity in our lives? Do you know how your smartphone works? Do you care? No, and for the most part it's cool. Unfortunately, there is no simple way for decentralized financial system to succeed. We are blessed with the gift of knowledge and we must share it. We have published hundreds of blog posts, forum posts, code repositories, tweets - helping thousands of people to learn more about money, about technology and about decentralization. We share this knowledge in the hope that you will spend time and effort to read and learn. Don't be greedy. Of course we would have loved to raise millions of dollars in an ICO - it would allow us to play on equal terms against venture backed startups. But we knew that what we need is not ten large donations from the wealthy, but tens of thousands of smaller contributions from real people. We've always been reasonable with what we asked for and were upfront with what we are going to use the money for. Do the right thing. No matter how tempting it may be to...
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