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To miners belly aching about energy cost and break-even

Let me preface this by saying that as of now, I am net solar and running about 15 Gh of ETC and other stuff. But getting here was a bitch, because I mine in Puerto Rico where grid power is 53 cents (USD) per kWh and it just went up by 16% this week. So how did I get here? Simple. I put the damned coins to work. Make them work for you while you hodl. There are any number of sites and apps where you can use grid trading, arbitrage, and smart trading bots to put your coins to work while you wait for them to moon. I just got done with my CPA looking over stuff for my 10-year business report. Over the past decade, my trading bots have made roughly 700% on my mined coins. Yeah. Still want to bitch about power costs? Think of your coins as raw material. And yes, you totally could just buy them instead, but for me it is a lot more stressful risking "real money" versus tossing "free money" coins into a bot. There's always more where that came from. I swear, if I read any more energy cost versus ROI posts, I am going to flip. Think like an entrepreneur. Think creatively. Ask "How?" Instead of "Can I?" Of course you fucking can.
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