Thought about what could go down after merge.

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1M Ago
SO I understand ETC hash rate is at ATH and keeps climbing great! But no, if price stays low and difficulty goes up then it becomes less profitable for the miners, however is price increases it keeps the cycle of miners wanting to mine which then makes the network stronger and encourages more development and investors. Now here is where I want others input. If in fact ETC is the chosen POW chain it always set out to be and if the big miners agree, then isn't the probability high that the big boy miners (the big corporate ones not your favorite YT miner) from buying a whole lot of ETC to just drive up price and create demand thus triggering a retail and institutional frenzy. Then if we start reaching ATH in price the hashrate has a higher ceiling to keep climbing while making it more and more profitable like it was for ETH in the before times. These miners can literally prop ETC up until enough people recognize its legitimacy and possibilities. Thought this is a cool scenario in the realm of possibilities. What do people think of my very simple thought? Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think.