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The Hyperledger Besu client with the Magneto Fork is out

Changelog Privacy users - Orion Project Deprecation

Tessera is now the recommended Private Transaction Manager for Hyperledger Besu.

Now that all primary Orion functionality has been merged into Tessera, Orion is being deprecated. We encourage all users with active projects to use the provided migration instructions, documented here.

We will continue to support Orion users until 30th November 2021. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the ConsenSys protocol engineering team in the #orion channel on Discord or by email.

21.1.7 Additions and Improvements Upgrade OpenTelemetry to 1.2.0. #2313 Ethereum Classic Magneto Hard Fork #2315 Added support for the upcoming CALAVERAS ephemeral testnet and removed the configuration for the deprecated BAIKAL ephemeral testnet. #2343 Bug Fixes Fix invalid transfer values with the tracing API specifically for CALL operation #2319 Early Access Features Previously identified known issues Fixed issue in discv5 where nonce was incorrectly reused. #2075 Fixed issues in debug_standardTraceBadBlockToFile and debug_standardTraceBlockToFile. #2120 Fixed invalid error code in several JSON RPC methods when the requested block is not in the range. #2138 Download Link


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