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The Hash Rush ICO launches today — and how to participate !

The Hash Rush ICO launches today — and how to participate

The Hash Rush ICO launches today. From 20 September 20:00 (8pm) UTC to 20 October 20:00 (8pm) UTC, you can invest in Hash Rush and get rewards such as:

Extra Rush Coins (up to a bonus of 20%!)Unique in-game unit cards and itemsOpportunity to choose a faction, without waiting in queueAnd the chance to join the game early (for investors during the first 3 days)

If you are an early-bird investor in Hash Rush, or if you have ample experience with ICOs, please go to our Hash Rush ICO page and participate when the time is right. But if you’re not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies and ICOs, please follow the steps below.

Participating in the Hash Rush ICO in 3 Simple Steps

You may already know how to set up an ERC-20 compliant Ethereum Wallet (Step 1), and purchase ETH (Step 2). In that case, you can immediately skip to Step 3 (sending your funds to the ICO). But if you aren’t familiar with cryptocurrencies at all, simply start with Step 1 and we’ll explain what you have to do to participate in the Hash Rush ICO.

Step 1: Setting up your Ethereum Wallet

As you might know, you can invest in the Hash Rush ICO using Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Qtum (QTUM) or Ethereum Classic (ETC), with a minimum of 0.1 ETH (or equivalent). But regardless of your choice of cryptocurrency, you will require an Ethereum Wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens in order to receive the Rush Coin token.

While there are many platforms available to create an Ethereum wallet, many of these do not allow you to store new ERC-20 tokens such as Rush Coin. We therefore recommend using one of the following:

You can use any of these three, but here we’ll show you how to create a wallet on the MyEtherWallet website, which is a simple process.

Disclaimer: While MyEtherWallet works well for many crypto-investors, you yourself are ultimately responsible for the actions you take, including setting up an Eth...

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