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The Future of Ethereum Classic & Predictions

Long term crypto investor coming in to let you know some of my predictions, however, not that you should listen to me at all; Once Ethereum goes 2.0 and requires 32 coins "Proof of Stake" to process/mine transactions. Current investors will realize the rich get richer, and those without 32 coins, cannot mine. Furthermore, it's forcing a holding mentality. A massive amount of change will occur within Ethereum. Investors will see ETC's original code, untweaked essence and wish that their original source of investment was around. I've seen it happen countless times over the years. Eventually, and with likely some unflattering news for Ethereum, "Black Day" will commence, where the great shift between Ethereum wealth holders switch to Ethereum Classic in remembrance of what got them to the dance in the first place, and at attempt to reap even greater rewards on "Black Day" As time passes, Ethereum will be remembered as the coin with a developer who tried to push it too far, too quickly, without enough members in the higher-ups on board. I am investing a major portion of my portfolio as of a couple days ago and will NOT be selling. Good luck, remember to not listen to my prediction or invest based on it.
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