Story behind the birth of Monverse - 500,000 Apy - game live on testnet - 3 staking pools - solidproof

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The year is 3806 A.D. and a strange virus has evolved. And everything has changed since then! The contagious virus, now named as, Monteva-Virus, is suspected to contaminate your electronic devices and encrypt its software, thus making permanent changes to the underlying code. Theabsorption of this virus on a device leads to partial submission of the controller, meaning that the device will no longer read the controller's instructions clearly and fully. Unlike the past viruses, the Monteva-Virus can be seen in form of mini monsters on your device’s code. The national software management has decided to fight back this malware through designing a specialized task force that parol your software to catch and kill these monstrous viruses. The mission to combat this virus is named as, The Monverse, which specifically targets the blockchain. Different users across the blockchain are joining this task force to wipe out the Monteva! Monverse is a multi-chain combat and strategy game, originally designed and developed on BSC. The game, inspired by the monsters, warriors and archers, revolves around collecting and defeating creatures that have dispersed all across the blockchain. The game is, both player-versus-player PVP, and Player-versus-the-environment PVE. In its both gameplays, the monverse game is developed on a layered reward structure that makes it define itself as a Play-to-Earn gaming project. ​ **Social Media Links:** Twitter: []( Website: []( Telegram: []( Facebook: []( Instagram: []( Medium: []( Discord: []( Reddit: []( Github: []( Testnet: [](