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Robinhood's Bullshit is Neverending!

I have learned a valuable lesson in making money without having it in my bank, so I take responsibility for that bad choice but everything after is mind-boggling. Any advice? I (Not looking to be criticized for a lesson I already learned. I took Instant Deposits Totaling $155.00 from RobinHood (RH) that reversed a day before my payday & my account was locked. I was ok with this as I understood the reason but thought it would be a simple pay it & we unlock it. I was paid via Direct Deposited to my Cash account on RH. ($967.98) on 2-12 RobinHood took the $155 I owed to them but then refused to unlock the account, holding hostage $819.51 that was intended to pay bills & feed my family & reinvest anything extra back into my crypto (EthC). I Email RH on (2-12) about the account lock. I also sent them messages to their Twitter RH Support account's only to get a "sorry but were busy you’ll have to wait." reply. On (2-16) I warn them I’m alerting the BBB if they don’t unlock my account & give me access to my paycheck Reply " about me transferring to a new broker" To which is absolutely false and made up. This email is proof they are not even bothering to read the case notes. This is unethical & unprofessional.
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