Residents of The Swiss City Of Zug To have Ethereum-based Blockchain-based ID

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coinidol.com5y ago
Jul 10, 2017 at 14:13 // News

The city of Zug in Switzerland, fast becoming a popular location for crypto-related businesses, has recently announced a new option – Blockchain-based identity registration for all residents.

Zug, Switzerland, aka Crypto-valley, is now often compared to Silicon Valley, as it is home to many crypto-related companies and gets its name from the type of businesses it attracts to the area: crypto. Furthermore, according to the  announcement, Zug is now becoming the first community in the world to offer all citizens the opportunity to get a digital identity based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Residents can register their identity by themselves using a special app that secures personal information using blockchain technology and associates it with a crypto address. Subsequently, the identity is verified by the identity control of the city of Zug.   

Dolfi Müller, the president of the city of Zug, said: 

“We want a single electronic identity system – a kind of digital passport – to be used in all possible applications. And we do not want this digital ID to be centralized at the city, but on the blockchain. We only verify and confirm the identity of a person.” 

On the next stage of Blockchain-driven development in the city, the government of Zug wants to hold electronic voting in spring. The official announcement also states: 

“Until September, the city of Zug wants to gain more experience with blockchain applications and is expected to hold an e-voting consensus among the residents in spring 2018.”