One Week Until the Hash Rush ICO !

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One Week Until the Hash Rush ICO

In exactly one week, at 20:00 UTC on September 20, 2017, the Hash Rush ICO will start. For one month, until 20:00 UTC on October 20, people across the globe will be able to invest in Hash Rush and acquire the new cryptocurrency Rush Coin. In this article we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the ICO, such as the potential bonuses, the benefits of participating early, and more!

Hash Rush ICO

First, let’s talk about the ICO specifics. The initial conversion rate is 1000 Rush Coin to every 1 Ether. However, you can join the ICO with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and Qtum. Should you choose to participate with a different currency than Ethereum, we will calculate your funds’ equivalent Ethereum value and award Rush Coin tokens accordingly.

Benefits and bonuses

Once you participate in the ICO, you may receive certain bonuses, depending on the day you choose to participate. The earlier you participate, the higher your bonus. This works as follows:

Day 1–3: 20% bonusDay 4–6: 15% bonusDay 7–9: 10% bonusDay 10–12: 5% bonusDay 13–30: 0% bonus

As an example, if you participate on day 11, you receive 1050 Rush Coin for every 1 Ether. On the other hand, if you choose to invest on day 2, you would receive 1200 Rush Coin for every Ether. In addition, people who choose to invest during the first three days do not only get a 20% Rush Coin bonus, but will also be granted early access to play Hash Rush.

But wait — there’s more!

Whatever day you chose to participate in the ICO, all investors have the chance to receive in-game unit cards and items, and choose which faction they’d like to play, without having to wait in queue.

Receiving RC tokens

In order to participate in the ICO, you need an ERC-20 compliant wallet in which to receive your Rush Coins. We recommend using My Ether Wallet or the official Ethereum Wallet (Mist). Our Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, and Qtum wallet addresses will be available on our site when the ICO is live. You simply send your funds in the cryptocurrency of your choice, and once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive your Rush Coin tokens. Please note that regardless of the currency you send, you will need an Ethereum wallet address to receive your tokens.

Why should you participate in the Hash Rush ICO?

Taking part in the Hash Rush ICO is a clear vote of confidence in the Hash Rush project. Let us end this article by explaining why your vote is worth it.

First, the Hash Rush Pre-ICO raised 2,565 ETH. What’s more, Kris and Nathan recently participated in live teleconferences to pitch Hash Rush to Japanese investors. These events were a success, securing more than 500 ETH. More than 3,000 ETH has already been raised to date, which is a great foundation in the run-up to the ICO.

Second, the Hash Rush team brings together years of experience in the gaming and cryptocurrency industries. The latest additions to the Hash Rush team are experts in the areas of game marketing, in-game economies and game design, and our team is growing fast. You can find out details about each of our team members in the white paper — we’re confident we have the right people to make Hash Rush the success it deserves to be.

And third, the game is utterly unique. Hash Rush is the first hash-powered game; no one else has tried to combine gaming and cryptocurrency mining before. Everywhere we go, people are drawn to the Ernacks and the Hash Rush world, and are excited to start playing. In short, the interest we’ve seen from investors, gamers and crypto enthusiasts all over the world has been nothing but amazing.

We think that together, these three facts show how successful the ICO will be, and make a good argument for you to invest in the Hash Rush ICO. So on 20 September at 20:00 UTC, go over to the Hash Rush website, transfer some crypto, and help us make video game history!