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On-chain KYC is Coming - Saturn

Universal Basic Income. Fair voting. Philanthropic fund matching that maximizes support for useful but underfunded projects. All great ideas, right? Dan Larimer of EOS, Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum Foundation and Glen E Weyl of Princeton University must truly be the most wonderful people, working for the benefit of the free people of Earth, transforming our society. Well, transforming they are, but in a very dangerous direction.

Let me explain.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) on EOS Quadratic Voting (QV) Liberal Radicalism (LR) Conclusion: On-chain KYC is coming Universal Basic Income (UBI) on EOS

UBI is a relatively new idea that instead of providing welfare and unemployment benefits to those who cannot be employed, taxpayers should instead pay a living minimum to both the non-working and working population. Basically, if you don't work and want to pursue art, research, or smoke weed every day, the government will pay you a bare minimum that should let you get some food and shelter and potentially dissuade you from crime. Unlike unemployment benefits, if you do decide to find a job though you won't lose this money - you'll get both the government paycheck and whatever your job or business pays you.

The idea recently became so popular that US presidential candidate Andrew Yang has UBI as part of his program. Yes, the same Andrew Yang that is into crypto.

Congrats @SatoshiLite on being such a pioneer - let’s build the future. 👍— Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) June 6, 2019 No conflict of interest here!

In the crypto universe, the most active proponent of UBI is EOS's Dan Larimer. This video summarizes Dan's bullshit vision for UBI on EOS.

Most recently Block One, the company behind EOS (totally decentralized btw), has launched Voice - a twitter clone with built-in EOS token for content monetization (read: ad spending). Interestingly enough, the only way to get an account on Voice, a so-called decentralized...

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