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Introducing HashRush — the first RTS backed by real hash power!

Introducing HashRush — the first RTS backed by real hash power! Yes, you are not mistaken! HashRush is the first strategy game that is powered by real hash power. We at BC studio are creating a game that allows the player to mine crypto currencies while playing a game.

With HashRush we intend to combine the rapidly developing crypto currency mining and gaming industries into something truly special that has never been done before. With a team of passionate developers lead by Senior Game Producer Rafal Nowocien, one of the key members of the original The Witcher series we believe that the HashRush project will be a success.

A little about the game. At first you get to choose from 3 unique factions, each with their own look, story and gameplay. After choosing you get your own planet where you build and manage your mining colony. But be careful, because there are hostile creatures that will try to kidnap your miners and natural disasters that will occasionally hit your colony. To prevent these disasters you must upgrade your colony and keep a watchful eye on your miners. Establish a great colony and become the envy of the entire universe.

The game mechanics are quite simple. With every miner/building you get a steady supply of hash power from our mining farm. The more you upgrade your colony the more hash power your get. With an advanced colony the payout will be larger, by using exchange sites you can convert our in-game currency into Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin or any ERC-20 standard tokens.

The game trailer is coming soon, stay tuned!

For more information about the game visit our facebook, twitter and medium and webpage.

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