Impact of the $BLUR Token Airdrop on the BLUR NFT Marketplace

Impact of the $BLUR Token Airdrop on the BLUR NFT Marketplace

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Hey everyone!

I just launched a comprehensive on-chain analytics dashboard that explores the impact of the $BLUR token airdrop on the BLUR NFT Marketplace. I created this dashboard with the help of u/Pine13579573 and u/MetricsDAO. The dashboard delves into key insights such as trading activity, distribution, and holder behavior.

Here are some interesting findings from our analysis:

  1. Post-airdrop, 75% of recipients sold their entire allocation while 8% sold a portion. The remaining recipients either held onto their tokens or bought more.
  2. After the airdrop, the market share of the BLUR NFT Marketplace skyrocketed to 75% of daily NFT volume, mostly taken from established platforms like OpenSea and X2 Y2.
  3. Since the airdrop, $BLUR's market share has somewhat declined but remains higher than pre-airdrop levels. The share of NFT sales volume dropped to 50%, still double its pre-airdrop share, and the proportion of Ethereum NFT buyers decreased to 26%, which is 2.6 times higher than before the airdrop.
  4. Despite the decline in market share, $BLUR's influence on the Ethereum NFT space remains strong, demonstrating the airdrop's long-term impact on the ecosystem.

I encourage you all to explore the full dashboard and share your thoughts and insights. Let's discuss how these trends might impact the future of the $BLUR token and the BLUR NFT Marketplace!