Ethereum Classic
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ETC · 3w

I Think it's time to change Ethereum Classic name. I look at the coin and truly realized it is its own coin. With that being said it creates it own path. We all know that Ethereum is Really ETC underneath the mask it wear and people turn a blind eye to that.

I look at this coin and it need a new beginning. It need move behind it. I need a good team to help develop and take it to the next levels. CODE IS LAW a 1000% but we still need to improve and maintain that code. IT THE TREASURY MEANS ONLY THE BEST FOR ETC. I SAY let's push it to limits and to the moon. I hold 626 I had more. I HODL and get upset when people bash the ETC. MAYBE I AM A FAN BOY BECAUSE I HODL when we doing bad , but guess what I still hold. I think Charles is a man for the job. He really believes IN ETC. WE NEED TO REALLY BAN TOGETHER AND PUSH FOR HIM TO LEAD THE WAY FOR ETC. LETS CHANGE THE NAME AND START NEW
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