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How to swap crypto with BC Vault. How do you usually swap your crypto?

BC Vault hardware wallets have been empowered with Changelly’s premier swapping solution, providing access to instant crypto-to-crypto exchanges of over 100 available digital assets. 

From now on, all existing and future BC Vault cold wallet owners will be able to enjoy instant transactions at fixed and floating rates. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes for crypto to arrive in the wallet of your choice. This API integration, together with BC Vault’s advanced security system that is aimed at protecting user funds from all types of illegal activities, will solidify the company’s leading position on the market.

Let’s take a deeper look at how the magic is done!

How to exchange cryptocurrencies inside your BC Vault wallet?

Everything is done within the wallet, so you don’t have to leave the application. The funds will go directly from one of your BC Vault wallets to another (you can also choose another wallet as a destination).

1. Make sure you are using BC Vault firmware and application v1.4 or later.

2. Go to the wallet that you will use to exchange your funds. 

3. Click on the “Exchange” icon.

4. Select the destination currency and fixed or floating rate (look down below for an explanation of what these are) and click “Next”.

5. Next, select the destination BC Vault wallet or type/paste an external wallet address. If you click on the “To” field you will see a list of your available destination currency wallets and you can simply select one.

Type in the amount you want to exchange (please note that there is a minimum amount) or use the “Convert all” slider and then click “Next”.

6. Enter your source wallet password.

7. You will be shown the transaction confirmation screen, make sure all details are correct. Then,  tick the box that states you have read and understood Changelly’s Terms and Conditions and click “Confirm”.

Please note that the exchange rate is only valid...

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