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How can DappNetwork scale Ethereum Classic and how is it different than zk-SNARKs and other layer 2 solutions on Ethereum

All the second layer solutions on Ethereum essentially involve running a series of sidechains on which dApps can do all their heavy lifting, while utilizing the Ethereum mainnet as a ledger for public proofs and a liquidity hub. Two major advantages with LiquidChains in this regard are: 1. LiquidChains come ready with whichever DAPP Network services the developer chooses. While other solutions offer **high-throughput, gas-reduced transactions**, LiquidChains provide this **as well as all trustless functionality** such as **oracles, IPFS hosting, parallel processing and more**. 2. The mechanism to allow LiquidChains to communicate with one another, as well as the **IBC** with which they can communicate with Ethereum Classic, is already out there. The DAPP Network is UNIVERSAL. It's has the necessary components to **scale just about any chain**, including Ethereum Classic. **With sharding** functionality, **native decentralized oracles, parallel processing, storage and so much more**, the DAPP Network could accelerate Ethereum Classic's push to becoming a key component of various industries, most notable finance. Whether you're an Ethereum Classic developer, a seasoned DAPP Network veteran or even if you're just curios about understanding elegant systems, we've got you covered in our **Universal Guide**. **Read more**: medium . com/the-liquidapps-blog/a-universal-guide-to-the-dapp-network-8cac3aa14acd Editors note: **Everything** you read here is **already implemented and operational**
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