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Going to Atlantis: Ethereum Classic (ETC) ECIP-1054 Hard Fork

The Definitive Guide to Ethereum Classic’s Next Hard Fork

The Atlantis ECIP-1054 Hard Fork has been announced with great reception amongst the stakeholders in the ETC ecosystem. The proposed changes will “Enable the outstanding Ethereum Foundation Spurious Dragon and Byzantium network protocol upgrades on the Ethereum Classic network in a hard-fork code-named Atlantis to enable maximum compatibility across these networks.”


The team is available for questions and further discussion on the ETC Labs Core Discord server.

The Hard Fork is targetted for block8_750_000 on the Ethereum Classic mainnet, expected some time in mid-September 2019

After this Hard Fork, the Ethereum Classic network will benefit from:

A more predictable issuance rate of ETC EIP 100 (Change difficulty adjustment to target mean block time including uncles)

The current formula does not include the “uncle rate”, which can lead to higher issuance rate if the “uncle rate” is manipulated.

By adding this formula for calculating the exact number of included uncles:

adj_factor = max(1 + len(parent.uncles) - ((timestamp - parent.timestamp) // 9), -99)

The difficulty adjustment algorithm will now target a constant average rate of blocks produced that includes uncles

Easier decentralized-application development

The goal of Opcodes and Precompiled contracts is to make development of decentralized applications more efficient


EIP 140 (REVERT instruction in the Ethereum Virtual Machine)

The REVERT instruction provides a way to stop execution and revert state changes, without consuming all provided gas and with the ability to return a reason. There is currently no way to do this without consuming all remaining gas.


A mechanism to allow returning arbitrary-length data inside the EVM. After a call, return data is kept inside a virtual...

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