Etica, a crypto currency for Open Source medical research (Ethereum Classic fork)

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1M Ago
Hi, Just to let you know Ethereum Classic has a new fork: Etica. But no worry Etica is not really a fork as it started a brand new chain from block 0. Etica is a crypto currency for open source medical research without intellectual property. Etica is a fork of ethereum classic and the idea is to dedicate tthe whole blockchain to only one smart contract for open source medical research. More info about etica on r /etica Presentation website: []( Block explorer: []( Mining pool: []( How it works: []( Discord: []( I wish the best for Ethereum Classic I'm a believer in proof of work that's why Etica forked ETC and not ETH. If you are interested in Etica don't hesitate to join, we just started in april this year