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ETC · 14w

EthereumCommonwealth is about to shut down ETC RPC nodes.

Dear Ethereum CLassic community, This is a notification about the upcoming closure of ClassicEtherWallet RPC nodes currently hosted by EthereumCommonwealth. Our nodes served ETC community for almost 2 years as the main RPC. These are the default nodes of CEW UI. Our nodes process more than 7 000 000 requests/day in average. The nodes costs us $400/month. ​ Unfortunately we have a lot of ongoing expenses and a very limited amount of funds, thus we are not going to handle it ourselves without any contribution from ETC side. I know that there are some community funds and organizations whose goal is to fund the ecosystem but it is relatively hard to get funding there. This is my last appeal and we are going to shut down the nodes if we will not get funding until the end of this month (i.e. until the next payout date). ​ This is the address of nodes funding: [0xc9bea9379a8fade01240ee583535fac713b71014]( If we get enough funding to pay for the nodes, then we will gladly continue to provide them for the ETC community. ​
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