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🤷‍♂️ Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Analysis 2019-2020 by Changelly

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Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency born as a result of the Ethereum’s fork happened on July 20, 2016. The fork was performed by the Ethereum (ETH) community in order to restore the funds that were stolen using the exploit found in the DAO code.

A part of the community did not agree with such drawback and eventually the ETCDEV team was founded and the story of the alternative blockchain called Ethereum Classic had begun.

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We won’t stay for long on the topic of the Ethereum blockchain split. If you’d like to read more about the DAO, visit the corresponding Bitcoin Wiki article.

Ethereum Classic is a controversial coin. It is not supported by the Ethereum Foundation but has some significant approval within the crypto community as it stands for the rule of “You’re your own bank”.

What are the Ethereum Classic price predictions? What are the Ethereum Classic predictions for the coin’s technical side? Let’s find out!

ETC Price History Analysis

The coin got through a very tough year losing around 90% of the price per coin since January 2018 being around 5,5 USD per coin.

ETC price is now at its historic low since May 2017 and the Ethereum Classic future is very obscure. Despite not being as financially successful as ETH, Ethereum Classic has a market capitalization of over half a billion USD and is a prominent part of the market.

Ethereum Classic chart for the price since its launch to April 4, 2019, on

ETC coin’s price is one of the most volatile on the cryptocurrency market. Initially, after the fork, Ethereum Classic price predictions were not positive at all.

The community was unsure if the coin could work without Vitalik Buterin and other members of the Ethereum development team. This uncertainty is clearly reflected in the ETC price chart. That was until the summer of 2017 when the cryptocurrency h...

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