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ETC Improvement Proposals - ECIPs


Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals (ECIPs), are technical write-ups that describe suggested changes to the Ethereum Protocol. Finalized proposals agreed up by volunteer client developers, and the users of the Ethereum Classic main net blockchain are implemented by Ethereum Classic client developers.

Every pull request will be reviewed and discussed by volunteer Ethereum Classic client developers and any developers on Github willing to contribute their well reasoned opinions. Regardless if there is general agreement you are able to use the information generated from the discussion to create a a second draft. This can be done by either updating the pull request or submitting a new pull request. This process can be repeated (See figure 1) until the volunteer developer community agrees to add the pull request.

Having an ECIP within the folder of the repository does not make it a formally accepted standard until its status becomes Active. For a ECIP to become Active requires the mutual consent of the community. Those proposing changes should consider that ultimately consent may rest with the consensus of the Ethereum users.

ECIPs grew out of the now hard-forked Ethereum DAO hard-fork (or ETF) repository, the are currently no other differences between Ethereum Classic/original main net and and Ethereum DAO hard-forked besides the DAO hard-fork but future changes may be added like early defusal of the difficulty bomb.

Network split

Pushing changes to the protocol without consensus will cause a network split. The ECIP process should not be skipped, as previously done by Ethereum Foundation developers unilaterally implementing a rushed hard-fork in the most widely used client creating a network split at block 1920000.

The Ethereum Foundation raised money from the community to work towards the "mission to promote and support research, development and education to bring decentralized protocols", and failed when short...

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