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Attention Everyone It has come to our attention by multiple ethereum devs that the code that P3C used that we cloned is the original powh contract that is prone to the Underflow attack that stole over 800k from the original powh Before you freak out please note the following. We have put in place a plan to get past this and have deployed a new updated contract on - []( All your funds are still 100% safe, although we highly recommend that you withdraw them and move them into the new contract before both ETCP and P3C are drained and all funds are stolen. We have Put in some steps to recover some losses for the people who entered late on the old contract. 1. 30 etc has been placed as a "pre-mine" that will be redistributed back through the contract every few hours for extra divs 2. Our full 410 ETC profit from ETCP will be dumped into the new contract in 4 x 100 hits. (we will give everyone at least 12 hours to buy into the new contract before we start dumping it) 3. ETCP dapp ecosystem will still continue, on Lab Token we are 100% committed to this project, this is why we think the best option is to switch now 4. If you support our project and what we are doing on etc we highly suggest putting your ETC back into the new contract, in a weeks time this will seem like nothing we promise you. Some people are probably wondering why the fuck are we doing this? Its very simple if we let this continue without doing anything, all funds will be drained from the contract everyone would lose ALL their money. Trust me I fully understand how much this damages our project, but we would rather put the project in jeopardy rather than your guy's money. [P3C.IO](https://P3C.IO) has exactly the same bug in their code. if you are invested there we highly suggest that you also remove your funds from there. it will only be a small matter of time before these contracts are drained and funds are stolen. You can make sure the new code...
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