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ChainSafe Awarded Second Ethermint Grant

ChainSafe Awarded Second Ethermint Grant

ChainSafe is excited to announce that we have received another grant from the Interchain Foundation to finish the development and testing of a live Ethermint Zone. We are extremely eager to provide the community with a productionized version of this new and powerful software.

Ethermint is an implementation of the EVM, built using the Cosmos SDK, that runs on top of Tendermint Core’s BFT Proof-of-Stake consensus engine. Ethermint enables users to deploy any Ethereum compatible code and immediately enjoy PoS consensus and instant finality with little to no overhead. In this way, Ethermint exists in the Cosmos ecosystem but is EVM compatible. Tapping into this vast resource and giving developers access to PoS consensus and instant finality via a productionized Ethermint has a massive potential to push decentralized technologies forward.

The goal of this next phase of development is to upgrade the current Ethermint codebase to become a production ready Cosmos zone. Bringing Ethermint to production so that users can securely deploy any project will greatly help to promote decentralized open source technologies by providing a blockchain that can be used and built on by the huge number of developers who are already familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem.

First grant accomplishments

Last year, ChainSafe received an initial grant from the Interchain Foundation to begin building Ethermint. Over the course of the first grant, we accomplished the following:

Produce a working implementation that behaves as mainnet Ethereum does with some limitations. Implement Ethereum transactions in the CosmosSDK. Implement Web3 compatible API layer. Implement the EVM as a CosmosSDK module.

What is covered in this new grant?

This grant will cover the last stretch of development and testing, which will lead to a live Ethermint Zone.

The grant will consist of the following deliverables:

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