Cardano Founder Blasts Ethereum Classic, Says ETC “Is A Dead Project With No Clear Purpose”

Ethereum ClassicEthereum Classic
25D Ago
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Hoskinson once again blasted another top crypto project.

Shortly after being accused of trying to exploit Ethereum Classic (ETC) miners, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, hit out at the project. 

In a recent tweet, a prominent Ethereum Classic supporter with the username @Sethccormack9 alleged that Hoskinson wanted to impose a 20% miner tax in a bid to “milk” the network. 

“Charles Hoskinson wanted to implement a 20% miner tax to milk ETC,” @Sethccormack9 said. 

No drama, just saying that SHA-3 and also a treasury was rejected.Charles hoskinson wanted to implement a 20% miner tax to milk ETC. — Maximalist.etc (@SETHMCCORMACK9) September 5, 2022

Hoskinson Responds Harshly

The comment did not sit well with Hoskinson, prompting him to publicly comment on the development. Hoskinson noted that the so-called tax was a sustainable development fund, not a miners’ tax, as the Ethereum Classic proponent claimed. 

“I love how a sustainable development fund turns into a miner tax,” Hoskinson said. 

He added that the Ethereum Classic network still makes him sad for not reaching its full potential. Furthermore, Hoskinson said ETC is a dead project with no clear purpose of existence outside of spite. 

I love how a sustainable development fund turns into a miner tax. ETC still gives me sadness for what could have been. It's a dead project with no purpose or real compelling argument to exist outside of spite. — Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 5, 2022

Hoskinson is known to always respond to issues capable of denting his reputation or the Cardano project. On several occasions, he has taken swipes at top blockchain projects that previously criticized Cardano. 

As reported by TheCryptoBasic, Hoskinson compared Solana to an old Nintendo console while recommending a YouTube video that could fix the constant network congestion experienced on the network. 

Cardano Enthusiasts React

Aside from Hoskinson, other core Cardano supporters also slammed the user for “wrongfully” accusing the founder of Cardano. @MarcoMeerman says:

“You lack love and positive attention because you get attention with being negative. I am not jealous of you, you must be going through a hard time in your life. Here is a hug.”

Meanwhile, Hoskinson is not the only top crypto enthusiast who has slammed Ethereum Classic in recent times. The project has continued to be slammed for not reaching its full potential after its hard fork from the Ethereum network. 

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Thinks Otherwise

However, not all crypto stakeholders believe Ethereum Classic is dead. 

With the Ethereum Merge upgrade around the corner, many people expect another network hard fork to occur once ETH Merge is live. The belief is that miners will want to continue the mining activity even after Ethereum transitions to a Proof-of-Stake algorithm consensus. 

In July, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, urged ETH miners to migrate to ETC after the Merge upgrade finally ships. He described Ethereum Classic as: 

“a very welcoming community, and I think they’ll welcome Proof-of-Work fans […] It’s not even a joke. If you like Proof-of-Work, you should go use Ethereum Classic. It’s a totally fine chain.”

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