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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Bitcoin Is NOT a Bubble, 1691

Synopsis: Now, I’m the worst person imaginable from whom to take investment advice – UNLESS you understand that my record on investment advice is nearly perfect – perfectly wrong!
Ya see, I have this theory that God’s hand is on me and He knows that if I were to make a ton of money just manipulating numbers, then I would probably not be doing the job that I am doing right now. So – thanks to you all – He’s giving me enough money to live, but not enough to go off and get indulgent and lazy.
So, with it stipulated I’ll proceed.
I admit that I was not a fan of Bitcoin all along, but I was wrong. Now, the only remaining problem – for us newbies – is how to get some bitcoin. How to buy Bitcoin – or any other cryptocurrency – with your U.S. dollars. The forces of big banking make it as hard as possible.
But now, a genius guy who is one of my advertisers - and now a friend - named Parag, has cracked that code. He’s the guy who owns Jeevy Computer. Get to know him before he gets too big. Eventually, he’s going to be known as the First Bitcoin Bank of Parag and he’ll be too busy to take you call. But right now, you can still talk to him.
So Bitcoin had a huge run-up a month ago as Japan made it legal and the Koreans - fearing war – figured out they could protect their savings this way. It ran up to almost $3000 per bitcoin, but since then has traded in a range between 2300 and 2700 – currently trading at $2563.
But, because of the finite number of bitcoins, it is absolutely, for sure, over the long run, to go up and up in value.
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