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Life-Time Reward Based NFTs Protocol on Binance Smart Chain Aqua Tank game, cultivate fishes and other marine life creatures. The players in the game are approved to purchase islands to become sole owner of the land and the marine life encompassing those waters. The owner of this land is also responsible for taking care of and keeping up with its maritime environment. Players in the game are also capable of customizing their aquatic pets. All players must realise the motto in the game, that the more beautiful your fish is, the more price you get. Hence, special focus is placed on the aesthetics in the game. NFTs come in two different kinds: * **Genesis NFTs:** Low supply. All Unique, Community Created NFTs. Some of them are memes. Historical value. Additional benefits and use cases to come. To be launched on stage 1 and 2 of the roadmap. * **Collectible NFTs:** Mid supply. All Unique. Different Series. Created by NFT artists. Additional benefits and use cases to come. To be launched on stage 3 of the roadmap. Collectible NFTs can be common, rare or super rare. Depending on the occurance frequency, each NFT is labelled. These labels thereby provides different perks. # Types of NFTs AquaTank Non-Fungible Tokens: 1. Island NFT 2. Pet NFTs In order to get Pet NFTs user must have at least one Island NFTs in their wallet. **a) FREE Island NFTs:** Eligibility for only participants who has contributed in Aqua Token Fairlaunch. Their wallet is automatically whitelisted in our platform. Hence, once they connect their wallet to our system, it will recheck if they have previously participated in presale. Is yes, then they can freely mint their Island NFTs in order to get PET NFTs. **b) Paid Island NFTs:** Individuals who couldn’t participated in the Fairlaunch they have to pay 100,000 AQUA tokens in order to get ISLAND NFTs. Raised funds will be used for Rsearch & Development and make project words of mouth all across world. ***Note: without having island NFTs individuals can’t get PET NFTs*** Island NFTs as Following 1. Super Rare Islands 2. Rare Islands 3. Legendary Islands 4. Epic Islands 5. Common Islands **Frequently asked questions about Aqua Tank** **1. How does Aqua tank work?** Aqua tank is a staking protocol where you can earn by holding its token $AQUA **2. Can $AQUA maintain its price?** $AUQA is a deflationary token, its supply is constantly regulated to maintain price. **3. Can I play the Aqua tank game with friends?** Yes Aqua tank can be played in a single mode as well as a multi-player mode **4. I have ideas for the Aqaua tank game?** You can share your idea in our Discord or twitter or become a memeber to participate in the governance mode ​ **Social Media:** Twitter: []( Documentation:[]( Audit Report: []( Mint NFTs: []( Twitter: []( Telegram: []( Github:[]( Reddit: []( Smart Contract:[](