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Anonymous: a proof-of-unique-human system (complete implementation)

Anonymous: a proof-of-unique-human system

Anonymous is a coordination game for global proof-of-unique-human, through monthly pseudonym events that last 15 minutes, where every single person on Earth is randomly paired together with another person, 1-on-1, to verify that the other is a human being, in a pseudo-anonymous context. The proof-of-unique-human is that you are with the same person for the whole event. The proof-of-unique-human is untraceable from month to month, much like cash. True anonymity.

When you register for Anonymous, you use register(). You need a “registrationToken” that you got if you were verified in the last event. You can see one be deducted from your account with registrationToken[msg.sender]--. The purpose of the registration tokens is that you can easily mix them, so that your personhood is not traceable from month to month.

function register() public scheduler { require(isReg(msg.sender) == false && data[schedule].tokens[1].balanceOf[msg.sender] >= 1); data[schedule].tokens[1].balanceOf[msg.sender]--; uint id; if(data[schedule].shuffler.length != 0) { id += getRandomNumber() % data[schedule].shuffler.length; data[schedule].registry[data[schedule].shuffler[id]].id = data[schedule].shuffler.length; data[schedule].shuffler.push(data[schedule].shuffler[id]); } else data[schedule].shuffler.push(); data[schedule].shuffler[id] = msg.sender; data[schedule].registry[msg.sender] = Reg(true, id, new bool[](1), false); data[schedule+period].tokens[0].balanceOf[msg.sender]++; }

To "immigrate" when you are "out-group" from the "nation", you acquire your permit and then use immigrate(). The "permit" is given out by anyone in the Anonymous "nation".

function immigrate() public scheduler { require(isReg(msg.sender) == false && data[schedule].tokens[0].balanceOf[msg.sender] >= 1); data[schedule].tokens[0].balanceOf[msg.sender]--; data[sch...
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